Service and support with care and attention

Free telephone support
Our customers are provided with free telephone support. Our service technicians provide advice on how to deal with problems that might arise. Call +46 8 534 101 60 or contact your local Datek representative.

DIY servicing

Datek products are so easy to serve and repair that you can do some of this work yourself. Programming, calibration and trouble shooting are done using light and sound signals. Replacing levers, circuit boards and relays is simple and we can arrange a service course for those requiring a more thorough run-through of procedures. Please contact us for more information.

Annual overhaul

Datek products and systems are all built for long service life and a minimum of repair work, even in demanding operating environments. Particles, chemicals, damp and extreme temperatures do however, have an impact on these products over time and regular maintenance is important. The annual overhaul entails a visit from our engineers, inspection of all systems and putting right whatever is needed. After the overhaul you receive an inspection report and a six month guarantee.

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