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MSM is one of Scandinavia's largest company in terms of mounting on construction vehicles for the concrete. Imer Group is a partner that they work closely with. Over several decades, they have amassed extensive knowledge. Their own constructions of quicklocks- and concrete paving gutters can be seen on construction trucks throughout Europe. The 9-meter-long concrete paving trench has among other things been the industry standard in Scandinavia. Building contractors in Scandinavia today require a minimum 9 meters trough in construction. MSM is constantly innovating, and the latest newly developed "gutter" with the entire 10 meters (worldrecord) has created headlines in the industry. MSM also perform installation of mixers, trucks, cargo- trucks, pumps and conveyors. For more information visit

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SEPSON - World Class Winches since 1900


The Swedish heritage of high quality, high-tech and heavy duty

Sepson is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic vehicle-mounted winches in the world. Starting at the beginning of the last century, Sepson winches have spread around the world performing heavy duty pulling work with extreme reliability under all conditions, in tropical heat as well as in arctic cold. 

The master smith Sars Erik Petterson founded Sepson in 1900 in the deep forest of Dalarna, in the middle of Sweden. He became famous to be a responsible and competent innovator. He made high quality tools and handling equipment for the surrounding forestry industry, where pulling and lifting heavy logs and timber still are key activities.

Through the old tradition of skilled workmanship this part of Sweden has become a centre of industrial activity. The combination of the handcraft tradition, high technology research and development, and the care for the natural environment is the hallmark of Swedish business and Sepson. Today Sepson manufactures reliable, dependable and uncomplicated vehicles-mounted winches with EN ISO 9001 certified quality system.

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Juro Clean - Shapely units built to customers specifications

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One of the leading manufacturers of high quality cleaning vehicles

Juro Clean has manufactured individually designed, engineered and combined high-pressure washing and suction vehicles since 2013. The founder and CEO Gunder Spåra, and his handpicked staff has over 30 years experiance of cleaning vehicles. With unique and inovative solutions and work close to the customer, Juro Clean is a realiable partner in the business. For more information and reference pictures please visit 


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