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Extract from Datek industrielektronik AB's Data Protection Policy

Datek industrielektronik AB is a company that manufactures and sells tailored solutions for radio-controlled applications in many areas. Since Datek AB mostly sells its products to companies, personal data is contained in limited scope in Datek industrielektronik AB's electronic register. Personal names are in the form of contacts on the companies that are Datek industrielektronik AB's customers and suppliers. Personal identification numbers may also occur if the customer is a private company. In addition, Datek industrielektronik AB has only personal data of persons who have shown interest in Datekindustrielektronik AB and its products, but have not yet purchased anything.

Personal data are used to fulfill Datek Industrielektronik AB's purchase and sales commitments, such as purchases, delivery of goods, product information and invoicing. Datek industrielektronik AB also has email addresses in its registers, as communication with customers and suppliers is done by means of both telephone, e-mail and mail.

Updating personal data in the form of address information may be by public register. Personal data is stored and used during and after that date Datek industrielektronik AB has customer or supplier relations.
Datek industrielektronik AB is a member of the Swedish Electronics Industry Association, following their recommendations.

Read the full Privacy Policy here. (link to privacy policy)