Almost 40 years of experience in wireless control

Ever since starting up in 1979, Datek has been a leading actor within professional radio remote control systems. We are constantly upgrading performance and quality, and we develop customised solutions for different applications in many areas.

We make your workday both safer and easier whether you use radio remote controlled machinery at a construction site, industrial plant or some other setting.

A world leader in safety technologies

Safety is one of our main priorities, and we have developed some of the technologies that are now well-established in the industry. We were the first company in the world to introduce dual processors that monitor each other in the receiver, digitally verified radio transmission and online programming.

Our systems conform to Performance Level e (PL e), the highest safety category in accordance with ISO 13849-1:2006, a legally binding standard for safety-critical components of control systems.

Safety is our motto and pervades our entire corporate culture, from drawing board to finished product.
For safety's sake.

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